Welcome Teachers!

FreshBrain is a great resource for use in your classrooms.  It is progressive, allows for teams of students to work together, and is completely flexible in terms of what you have them do.  And best of all it is both FREE and safe!

Please keep an eye on this page ... more coming SOON!

We will be adding some tutorials shortly that help you to see how to use FreshBrain can be integrated into your classroom, your after school program or your home school curriculum.

School Teachers

Regardless of what you teach, bringing technology into the classroom is a must.  FreshBrain can help.  We provide a website where students can work together on activities and projects, with easy access to tools and training that will let them show their creativity and skills to do something that fits with the objectives of the classroon and is FUN!.

Select from the activities and projects already on the site, or have them create their own project.  FreshBrain makes it easy to collaborate, share progress, have discussions and in the end create something that you and they are proud of!

Home Schoolers

Use FreshBrain for all the reasons that school teachers do - but take advantage of the ability for students to work together regarduess of where they reside.  Hook up with other home schoolers to do activities and projects.  Meet others with similar interests.  Make new friends.

And leverage a platform that would otherwise be impossible to afford!

After School Programs

Give your students something really fun to do.  Leverage the computers and internet access that you have to allow them to enhance their education, find their passion and pursue it with their friends.

There are a huge number of activities and projects across a wide range of interest areas.  And all of this is available for free.