Pictures of "Hugging the Rock"

December 13, 2009 at 04:35 pm - by tennisdancer51


For this video book trailer, I used pictures accompanied by voice overs. I used 3 pictures per scenario and added sound effects for the pictures. The action would pause on the third picture and the voice over would begin. As the voice over begins, the frame zooms in on the picture for effect. For every picture, I used lighting and color to show the tone of the scenarios. I made the first 3 pictures black and white to show that there is a huge change in Rachel's life when her mother leaves. I faded Rachel's surroundings in the next pictures to show her alienation and separation from her father. I started the third group of pictures with 2 pictures where Rachel is darker than her surroundings, showing her emotions she is feeling. In the last picture, however, things begin to become lighter, showing a hopeful change. Rachel wears dark clothes and sits in her dark room, ignoring a message from a friend, and her hair is left down and a little messy. In the next set of pictures, Rachel is researching Bipolar Disorder. The computer is black and white, to connect the information to the beginning of the video, which was black and white when Rachel's mother left. Rachel wears lighter clothes and has her hair up, beginning to gain more control over herself, her emotions, and her life. At the end of the video, some pictures of Rachel conversing with her father show up, and they are lighter and happier, however, the final picture is of Rachel with an unsure look on her face, leaving viewers unsure of the outcome of the relationship she hopes to achieve with her father. I ended the video with a simple black and white slide reading "Hugging the Rock" by Susan Taylor Brown.


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