Battlefield 2 - The Rescue

Battlefield 2 - The Rescue


Welcome to the second FreshBrain General Scholarship project.

This will be the workspace where you post information about your project.  It is VERY important that you use this environment to save everything related to the creation of your project.  You will be judged based not only on the final submission, but the process that you used.

Before we get into the details of what you need to use this environment for, lets talk about the project itself.  As you read under the description of the scholarship, it is really up to you as to what you create.  All that we ask is that it is in one of the technology areas that are a part of FreshBrain.  Those include:

  • Development
  • Eco/Green
  • Gaming
  • Graphic Design
  • Music
  • Video/Movies
  • Web
  • Venture

You decide what you do.  You might check out the rest of the website to see what others have created or to look for ideas.  Talk to your friends.  Look around on the internet.  Then pick something and do it.  Maybe one of the tools on the site can help you.  Show us what you've got!

There are three things that you should do (two are a MUST) as you complete your project and before you submit.

  1. Use the Update capability of the project to post updates along the way.  These are a kind of very simple progress report.  It is up to you as to how often you create an update.  Make sure they are full of good content.  This is optional but will be considered in reviewing your submission.
  2. Create a summary of the steps that you took to complete your project and create your submission.  This should be a simple microsoft word, open office writer or text document.  Upload this to the File Manager capability of the project.  You MUST do this.
  3. Upload your finished project to the File Manager.  You MUST do this.

That's it.  Have fun.  And remember, you have to go back to the scholarship page and submit the URL to this project workspace to be considered!

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Video Editing, Assembly, and Finalization

April 2, 2009 at 7:09 pm by Perfectfire

From april 4th to early June, my cousin and I edited, assembled, and finalized the video.Battlefield 2 has a "recorder" feature, where one can play (act) a normal game, and then you can view a replay of it, which has a few different options. One option that does not exist is rewinding, so ...

Acting of the Video

April 2, 2009 at 5:24 pm by Perfectfire

Easter Vacation, 2007 - After a month of planning, preparing, and testing, we finally were set to act out and record the video in a 2-day timeframe. To ensure that we maximized our time, we created time tables and allocated blocks of time (, uploaded). The recording went quite well as i...

Duo Acting of the Video

April 2, 2009 at 4:59 pm by Perfectfire

Mid-March, 2007 - My cousin and I then acted out a rough-copy of the video, and tried getting a skeleton-image of the video to fall back on when we were acting the real thing. (AlphaFinal_Full.wma,uploaded)We learned the basics of the Battlefield 2 recorder, and also figured out how to remove player...

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