How FreshBrain Works

Welcome to FreshBrain!

Now lets get started.

There are really four aspects to FreshBrain: Explore; Connect; Create; and Share.  Below is a quick explanation of each.  Click the links as you go through them, when you are done, everything should make sense:)



Explore the many things that you can do on
  • Wander around the site, see what is available, what others are doing, what they are saying.
  • Click on the Explore tab or on the front page, scroll the list in What's Inside.  These are technology areas that you might find interesting.
  • Within these technology areas, you will see Activities and Projects that you can do, and the Tools to do them.


FreshBrain is about connecting with others.
  • Blogs are one way, share your ideas and read what others have to say.
  • Forums are another.  Ask questions, share ideas and comment.
  • Groups are perfect to find and connect with others.
  • Chat, Message, Friends are there too, more ways to connect ...



What is it that you want to make?
  • Activities are things that are pretty easy - that you can do by yourself.
  • Projects are more complicated and can be done with friends.
  • With the help of great Tools and training the sky is the limit!
  • Supported by the Community and Project Advisors (mentors you can request as part of a project).


The best part is sharing and seeing what others have done.
  • Share what you have created, see what others have created.
  • Upload to activities so that everyone can see what you have done.
  • Comment and rate what you see.
  • Post blogs, get involved in discussions.


That's all there is to it. Go explore, connect, create and share!