Explore basic concepts of robotics, learn about robotics hardware and embedded controllers, and program a (simulated) robot in Java!


Learning Path Provided By

The "Introductory Robotics for Programmers" Learning Path is provided by our friends at Hill Air Force Base



If you know Java, you can program robots!

Robot emulators allow you to experience programming of real robots, without needing to buy expensive robot hardware.  This learning path introduces robotics concepts, and then shows you how to write Java programs for the Sun SPOT device controlling the iRobot Create robot platform.  The free tools include a robot emulator, which is a simulation of the robot running on your computer screen.  The same programs that you write here could be used on a real iRobot Create!

This learning path requires that you have previous Java programming experience, as the Sun SPOT device (the brain of the robot) must be programmed in Java.  If you've taken an introductory Java programming class at school, you should be able to succeed with this learning path.

To get started, click on the Activities tab at the top.  Complete the first activity then move onto the next.  Keep going until you complete them all.  Use the Forums if you need help.

Skills you will gain
  • Familiarity with basic robotics concepts
  • Understanding of computer algorithms for solving problems
  • Ability to translate algorithms to computer programs (code)
  • Working with a programming IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a robotics emulator