Explore Backwards Audio Digging Deeper Page

Step 1: 

Import any piece of audio into Audacity using File > Import, and save your Audacity file.

Step 2: 

Trim your audio to about twenty seconds long using Audacity’s editing functions.  Now choose File > Export and save your small selection to your computer as an mp3 so that you can use it in it’s cleanest form later.

Step 3: 

Go back to Audacity.  Select your audio and then choose Effect > Reverse.  Now listen to your audio—you should hear it backwards!  Use CTRL+Z to change it back.

Step 4: 

Make a mini composition using the Reverse effect.  Cut your audio up into sections and use the Reverse effect on some sections and not on others.  Use it multiple times in some places and see what happens.  Make something fun and cool with your new skill.  No need for perfection here!

Step 5: 

Export your mini composition using File > Export and save it as an mp3 (make sure to give it a different name than the clean file you made earlier!).  Now upload your creation to this activity on FreshBrain.