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Welcome to the FreshBrain Ambassador Intern Program!

This group is for all interns who are a part of the program.  A place get information and share how things are going.  A place to meet and interact with other interns.

There are five important aspects of this group.

  • Updates.  Please check this regularly.  We will be posting information that will be useful to you.
  • Activities.  These are your weekly assignments.
  • Members.  These are the other interns.
  • Forums.  The place where discussions of any type are help.  Check these out and please participate.
  • Files.  A place where files that you can use will be posted.

You can always Chat with other FreshBrain users.  Friend them and then when they are online (see the top of any page), click on their username and you will begin a chat session.

Good luck.  Have fun.  Get Started!


Week 3 Assignment

Week 3 Assignment


Welcome back.  Hope things are going well!

This week we will begin to transition into a more regular cadence, where some of your time will be on participating on FreshBrain and some will be on helping to grow the community.

Basic Steps

Week's Tasks:

  1. Spend time understanding one Tool in detail
    • Go to the home page and look under the Create tab – You will find a “tool” button
    • Look at the tools and pick one that looks interesting
    • Download it or go to the website
    • Try it out - create something with it
    • If you get stuck, look at any training available or do a web search
    • This should take 1-2 hours
  2. Get at least 25 friends to register or FreshBrain
    • Use your favorite social network, email or instant messaging
    • Tell them what is cool about FreshBrain
    • Point them to the website -
    • Make sure that they register
    • This should take less than a 2-3 hours
  3. Submit the following to this assignment
    • The tool that you used in #1 above, with the following information
    • Any comments on the FreshBrain tool page
    • Was it Easy, Medium, Hard or Very Hard to use
    • Were you able to use it or did you need to find additional information and help?
    • If you did, please include links
    • Would you recommend it to others?
    • Send a list of FreshBrain usernames for the friends that you got to register
  4. As always, any constructive feedback on the site (anything that you like or don't like, or things that don't work)

That's it.  Feel free to contact at any time if you have questions, problems, whatever!

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Week 3

March 23, 2010 by LeannaLakeram

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