Difficulty: Hard
The key to a good video is the story.  And the best way to capture the story is in the form of a script.  This activity will help you to create a good script.


August 18, 2009 at 06:46 am - by rockyroaded


Excercise 1: Script
By Christina Chang
Title: Enough
Setting: Decidous Valley..?
[RED BIRD] Scene fades in - red bird hops around valley floor, (pecks occasionally?) looking for food, etc.. 
[RED BIRD]chirps a few times, and acts very curious/inquisitive when he finds a kernal on the ground. 
[CAMERAL] Moves back a little faster to reveal seed in the audience's screen. 
[RED BIRD]He slowly bends down as if to claim it.
[GREEN BIRD] Rushes in from overhead (like an aerial tackle?) and pushes Red Bird back.
 [BOTH] birds begin to squak angrily and bob up and down to imitate aggravation/intimidation
[CAMERA] Moves to show an abundance of seeds hidden a few feet away
Sound: Chirping and harsh trills, blink/bubbles, thwack?