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This is the place to learn about Animation.  To Explore the kinds of things that are possible.

To get started, JOIN THIS GROUP.  Then click on the Activities tab. Next complete each of the Activities.  And finally compete in the Challenge Activity.

Click the Details tab for more information.  Once you are done with this learning path, take a look at: Digital Graphic Lab, Mix it, Mash it, Make Your Own Music, and  Make Exceptional Videos.

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FreshBrain is proud to bring you this learning path.  We are excited about the summer camp and the learning paths that we have been able to provide!

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The "Animation Exploration" challenge activity is provided by our friends at Skullcandy!

Pencil Animation

Pencil Animation


Old school pencil animation was cool.  New style pencil animation is even better.  This activity will have you making a nice pencil animation video, including backgrounds, characters and music.

If you feel like you need more practice, you should go through the Pencil Animation Challenge activity.  It will give you some practice with the basics of pencil animation.

Now lets get started.

Basic Steps

Get yourself prepared

  1. Create your script (you can use the script activity to do this)
  2. Storyboard your video (you can use the storyboard activity for this)
  3. Download your software (if you have not already done so)

Follow the storyboard and make your animation

  1. Create your background (add it to a bitmap layer)
  2. Create a frame with character(s) (on a separate layer)
  3. Move to the next frame, copy your background, animate your character(s)
  4. Continue this until you are done ...

Edit, add music, save and share

  1. Go back and edit any frames necessary
  2. Change timing as required
  3. Add in voice and other sound (in one or more layers)
  4. Add titles
  5. Export as a movie
  6. Upload to this activity
  7. Upload to other sites as desired (eg. Youtube)

That's it.

Note: if you are using Pencil, you need to save as a Flash sfw file.  This will then needs to be converted to a stanrdard format to be uploaded.  An example of a windows tool that will do this is IWISoft Flash / SWF to Video Converter.

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